Apple TV, AirPlay and the Harman Kardon Aura Wireless Speaker System

My family has been pretty happy with the addition of our Harman Kardon Aura Wireless Speaker. The setup was pretty easy and the HK Remote iOS app is fairly straight-forward to use.

The sound quality has been a huge improvement over the television or the iMac speakers. AirPlay compatibility was a huge selling point for us. We can send music from our iOS devices and other Apple computers quite easily.

Our only gripe is when the Apple TV occasionally loses its connection with the speaker and defaults back to the television. We have the television on mute and when it flips like that, we need to switch it back in the Apple TV’s AirPlay settings.

It could be more of an issue with my second generation Apple TV. When the fourth generation Apple TV comes out, hopefully in June at WWDC, I’ll get the new model and perhaps solve my issue of losing the speaker.

I’m not an audiophile but the sound coming from the speaker sounds great to me.