is back again, too.

There was a time where I was running a self-hosted blog on, but I found that I just didn’t write enough to continue to pay for hosting.

As I mentioned before, I used to have the domain running a WordPress installation. My hosting company, TextDrive, moved me over to Joyent and then back again to a TextDrive after some sort of rebirth. I admit that I didn’t keep up with all gory details regarding my hosting. I think the second incarnation of TextDrive slipped off quietly into the night and along with it, my old posts and site. I wasn’t super invested in my old content. C’est la vie! I had to look that up. I did try to jump back into the fray with Linode a few years later, but even then, it was more than I needed for a simple blog. I’m sure their services are great — it just wasn’t a good fit for me.

Eventually, I just started to redirect over to Twitter. Twitter is something I actually use and it seemed like a logical move on my part.

I got back in the blogging game on May 7th with and decided just the other day to reestablish again. makes it so simple to map a domain. Seriously. $13/year is all that it will cost me for the service. Very reasonable. Did I mention easy? It was!

The worst part of the whole process is waiting for the DNS propagation to complete. The changes eventually completed in less than 24 hours but it seemed like an eternity when everything else went so smoothly.

Not only can I say, I’m back, but is back, too.

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Darrell Schulte

A Minnesota guy that tweets and blogs about WordPress, Apple, sports and anything else that might come to mind.

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